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How to reach the renewables target

uk_flag Reaching the Renewables Target, What is the Roadmap?

d_flag Die EU muss neue Mechanismen schaffen, um den Anteil erneuerbarer Energien zu steigern


Juan Delgado comments on the EU’s ambitious climate change policy targets and highlights the problems of implementing them without the necessary policies.


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Access Pricing in Telecommunications

Zugangsentgelte in der Telekommunikation: Die Erfahrung mit dem entbündelten Zugang zur Teilnehmeranschlussleitung in der EU (Access Pricing in Telecommunications: The Experience of Local Loop Unbundling in the EU), by Juan Delgado, Robert Klotz and Jérôme Fehrenbach.

Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb, (2003); no. 53(4), pp. 346-358.

This article explains why the interest in local loop unbundling is now waning in Europe, and why the whole process, while initially heralded as a major breakthrough, may turn out to be nothing more than a wasteful regulatory experiment with little benefit for competition.

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