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Who Cares about Pro-competitive Regulation in the EU

The Quest for Pro-Competitive Regulation in the EU: Who Cares?, by Juan Delgado and Héctor Otero.

Competition Policy International. Europe Column.

The removal of obstacles to competition, especially in highly regulated markets, and the design of procompetitive regulations in response to new market dynamics are essential to mobilize resources and unlock the potential of Europe’s economy. The lack of appropriate policy tools by European institutions and the lack of incentives by national governments, often dominated by vested interests, might prevent the further development of competitive markets in the EU. Increasing governments accountability and consumer awareness on the benefits from competition are ways to make progress in this direction. The empowering of competition authorities to conduct market investigations and to supervise ex-ante the impact of regulations on competition; and the wider use of properly designed public consultation mechanisms provide incentives to governments and legislators to incorporate competition concerns in the regulatory process.


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The Good Regulator

El buen regulador no habla español (The good regulator doesn’t speak Spanish), by Juan Delgado.

Alternativas Económicas, November 2014.

The recent merger in Spain of the antitrust agency and several industry regulators into one single agency poses several questions on institutional design. This op-ed assesses the new institution in relation to the international best-practices.

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The European Antitrust Damage Directive

Antitrust Damage Actions in Europe: Race to the Middle?  by Juan Delgado.

Competition Policy International – Europe Column. May 2014.

The complexity of antitrust damage actions in Europe, related to the existence of differences across EU countries in key elements such as the limitation periods, degrees of court expertise and specialization, or even the role of economic analysis, makes necessary the development and harmonization of antitrust damage action procedures across Europe. The op-ed “Antitrust Damage Actions inEurope: Race to the Middle?” by Juan Delgado at the Europe Column of Competition Policy International (CPI) (May 14) focuses on the recently passed European Directive on the rules governing actions for damages (the antitrust damage directive) and its implications.

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Regulators’ Reform: How Many and How

La reforma de los reguladores: importa más el cómo que el cuántos (The reform of the regulatory agencies in Spain: It’s more important how than how many), by Juan Delgado, Julio García Cobos and Antón García Díaz.


The Spanish government has announced an ambitious plan to reform the regulatory agencies. J. Delgado, J. García Cobos and A. García Díaz discuss on the necessary ingredients of such reform: effectiveness, professionalism, independence and transparency.

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The Future of Energy

La energía del futuro se decide hoy (The energy of the future should be decided now), by Paulina Beato and Juan Delgado.


The global energy landscape has changed dramatically in the last year due mainly to two events: the Fukushima accident and the discovery of new and abundant gas reserves. The challenges for the energy policy remain: securing energy supply in a competitive and environmentally sustainable way, but the path to meet them has changed. The strategy to meet these challenges should be implemented now.

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What have we learnt from the real state bubble?

Lecciones de la burbuja

La Vanguardia

In a monetary union, governments have limited instruments to address real state bubbles. A common monetary policy does not respond to national bubbles. National governments must rely on bank regulation and fiscal policy.

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The G8 and the food crisis

La tenue respuesta del G8 ante la crisis alimentaria

The non-response of the G8 to the food crisis

La Vanguardia

Juan Delgado and Indhira Santos argue that although the right issues are on the G8 table, what it is still lacking, after one year of continuously increasing prices, is comprehensive action: the G8 leaders‘ statement on food security lacks a clear plan in the first two policy areas -trade and aid- and remains vague in the field of biofuels.

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