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Joining Forces to Fight Cartels

Integrating Regulatory and Antitrust Powers: Implications for the Fight Against Cartels” by Juan Delgado and Elisa Mariscal

Published in The Fight against Hard Core Cartels in Europe: Trends, Challenges and Best International Practices (José María Beneyto and Jerónimo Maillo, eds.). Bruylant, 2016.

There are a wide variety of possible structures and institutions for regulatory and antitrust enforcers. This chapter focuses on the analysis of multi-purpose regulators that combine regulatory and antitrust powers, such as the Mexican IFT and Cofece, as well as the Spanish CNMC. We focus on the analysis of how institutional design affects the fight against cartels. The goal of the chapter is to look for evidence on whether some institutional designs are more effective to fight against cartels and to identify which institutional factors are determinant to improve such effectiveness.


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