Estimating Cartel Damages: the Spanish Sugar Cartel

Estimación de daños derivados de la existencia de un cártel: análisis de las Sentencias Acor y Ebro Foods by Juan Delgado and José Antonio García

Published in  “Spain Arbitration Review” (No. 20, 2014)

The possibility to claim damages caused by infringements of competition law is recognized both by the Spanish and European legislations. However, despite of the increasing anticartel activity of the Spanish Competition Authority, antitrust damage actions are rare in Spain. A recent decision by the Spanish Supreme Court against the sugar manufacturer Ebro Foods for damages caused by a cartel in the sugar market partially corrects misconceptions of preceding judicial decisions on the methodology to calculate damages. This article uses the Ebro Foods decision to present an appropriate economic framework for the determination of damages caused by antitrust infringements.

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