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National champions in times of crisis

Política de Competencia, Política Industrial y Campeones Nacionales en Tiempos de Crisis (Competition Policy, Industrial Policy and National Champions in Times of Crisis), by Juan Delgado and Eva Ferraz

Published in El Derecho de la Competencia en Tiempos de Crisis (S. Martínez Lage and A. Petitbò, eds). Fundación Rafael del Pino y Marcial Pons. Colección Derecho no 34, 2010

The economic crisis has revived the debate on public policies to support the so-called “national champions”. There are multiple examples in which different governments have been accused of protecting domestic firms against a variety of potential risks. This chapter reviews the (in)efficiency of various public interventions aiming to protect specific firms and industries. The chapter advocates for a pro-competitive industrial policy compatible with antitrust rules.


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Private damages in antitrust

Economic evidence and the quantification of damages in competition cases in Spain, by Juan Delgado and Eduardo Pérez Asenjo.

Oxera Agenda, June 2010

Recent court decisions offer new perspectives on private antitrust litigation in Spain. Although case law is currently limited, the variety of cases highlights the possibilities of private enforcement both as substitute and complement to public enforcement. Juan Delgado, Chief Economist at the Spanish competition authority (Comisión Nacional de la Competencia), and Eduardo Pérez Asenjo of the Chief Economist Team, present an overview of private enforcement cases in Spain, focusing on the methodology used to quantify damages and the role of competition authorities in this process.

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