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Competition and security of supply in energy markets: How real is the conflict?

Obstáculos a un mercado europeo de electricidad: el conflicto entre liberalización, seguridad de suministro y libertad de control corporativo (Obstacles to a European power market: the conflict between liberalisation, security of supply and freedom of corporate control), by Paulina Beato and Juan Delgado

Published in Tratado de Regulación del Sector Eléctrico (F. Becker, L. M. Cazorla Prieto, J. Martínez Simancas and J. M. Sala Arquer, eds.). Aranzadi. December 2008

In the last two decades there has been substantial progress in the creation of a European single market and currency area. The process of creating a single market has been uneven in different industries. Power markets are an example of low integration. One of the obstacles to integration is the national character of security of supply policies. This chapter advocates for a “europeanisation” of security of supply policies in order to promote cross-border competition and facilitate the creation of a true European power market.


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