The latent food crisis

The new food equation: do EU policies add up?, by Juan Delgado and Indhira Santos

Bruegel Policy Brief. Issue 2008/06, 2008.

pb200806-food-equationThis policy brief looks at how EU policies should be adjusted to the higher food prices. The brief makes three policy recommendations: Innovation in biofuels should be encouraged but biofuels targets should be abandoned as they are expensive and distort agricultural and energy markets. Freer trade is needed for both efficiency and food security reasons. But more open markets will further increase the price of food for importing countries. An immediate and sustained aid increase should therefore be agreed.

pgc-book-2008-final-indesigThis paper is included in A progressive agenda for global action, an initiative of the London Progressive Governance Conference 2008 which addresses some of the most pressing issues facing progressive governments across the world today, including economic and social change, poverty and development, climate change and migration, as well as how international institutions can be reformed to meet the new challenges that globalisation presents.

An updated version of this paper (in Spanish) was published in Claves de la Economía Mundial (2009) no. 9.

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